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Creative Energy

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    View the picture below and create a story for the teen in this picture. Take a few minutes to think about who he is, what he is doing, and any other information you think would be applicable.


    If you are not really using your creative energy, you may report:

    The teen is sitting on the side of the road. He appears to be looking for someone or waiting for a bus or some other car to come and pick him up.

    The teen is looking down the symbolical road of his life that he is about to leave. He is leaving for college and just looking back on the town he called home for 18 years. He is reflecting the memories—good and bad, happy and sad—and is coming to terms with the fact he is leaving. He has chosen this spot as he has a clear view of his city street since "no parking" indicates no cars will park there. He is taking some time for himself before he heads home to the going away party his parents are throwing for him. There, he will have one last wonderful night with friends and family.

     Now you are are going to try this exercise on the next page for your Assignment.