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Drug Education and Prevention -- Meth

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  • Great site:


    Check the email from Br Sc.  Great stuff! 
    Glad you see it as a good fit! Students from all over are amazingly engaged through this platform, with the subject and the videos. It's great how it visually depicts the brain chemistry. Anyway, tons of places to launch from and I am happy to help however I can. I'm attaching a 3-day option that begins to get at some deeper skill-based activities and projects. Let me know what you think. We also can support larger community awareness events if you students want to go big into a service-learning project or something. We have a very active Facebook page and Speak Up page at the end of the website for art and digital media advocacy projects. We also have T-shirts, wristbands, etc. and a bit of man power, including recovering addicts and impacted family members. As you can see, happy to discuss options. 
    Looking forward to working with you all on this as well!