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8.2.4 ~ Quiz: Reagan, 90's and the Millennium

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    cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>The Reagan Revolution can be described as a conservative movement to:</p>improve the lives of the working and middle class through government aidreduce the American people's reliance on governmentreform the tax structure to benefit social welfare programsreform foreign policy to maintain our status as a super power2100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>President Reagan cut government spending in all of the following except</p>the militaryschool lunchesfood stampswelfare benefits5100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>During his presidency, Reagan's contribution to the Cold War was:</p>ending formal relations with the Soviet Unionnegotiating a treaty that would end intermediate-range nuclear missilesopening formal relations with the Soviet Union, China and other communist nationsincreasing military spending on nuclear weapons programs10100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>Desert Storm was:</p>war against the middle eastern nation of Kuwaita catalyst event prior to the Oklahoma City bombinga foreign policy agenda for the Middle Eastthe attack portion of the Gulf War16100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>The United States entered the Gulf War to:</p>protect our oil interests in the Persian Gulfhelp the defenseless nation of Kuwaitboth a and bnone of the above19100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>Which two violent events of the 90's were directly related?</p>World Trade Center bombing and OKC bombingWaco, Texas raid and Rodney King riotsWaco, Texas raid and the OKC bombingRodney King riots and the OKS bombing23100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>What event brought the issue of immigration back to the attention of the American public?</p>September 11 terrorist attacks as many of the pilots were immigrantsElian Gonzalez custody battleOperation Enduring FreedomElection of 20026100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>When did the war in Iraq begin?</p>2001, immediately following that attacks on the World Trade Center1991 with Desert Storm2003 to find weapons of mass destructionnone of the above31100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>The biggest fear behind Y2K was:</p>the stock market crashing with the turn of the new centurythe end of the world as computer technology would no longer existcomputer clocks not changing from 1999 to 2000, but 1900riots and partying associated with the new millennium35100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>The space shuttle Columbia disaster prompted the Federal Government to:</p>increase NASA funds to ensure better production of space craftput the space program on hold to investigate and ensure better safetysue the company contracted to build the shuttleall of the above38100