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President Ronald Reagan

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  • President Ronald Reagan

    President Ronald Reagan was an instrumental player during the decade of the 1980's. You will be doing a research on his life and Presidency then taking a short quiz. Read through a brief biography of Ronald Reagan

    Then go to the following website and spend some time learning additional details about Ronald Reagan.

    You should be spending a significant amount of time on these sites taking notes and gathering information.

    • Essential Questions about the Presidency: This is the most important part of the assignment! Using the information you found from your research, specifically the important national and international events during his presidency, answer the following questions. 
      • What decisions did he make as President that had a direct impact on the American people? Explain you answer in detail.
      • What were the positive and negative influences of those specific decisions?
      • How did these decisions affect his legacy?
      • In general, what is the influence of the President of the United States?
    • You will be taking a short quiz on President Reagan. Be sure you understand the above before attempting the quiz.