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War Powers Act

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    "Vietnam is still with us...We paid an exorbitant price for the decisions that were made."

    - Henry Kissinger

    1. Open a new browser.

    2 . Go to the Student Gateway 
    3 . Enter the username: jeffconet (Only a username is required--you do not need a password)
    4 . Find the Quick Launch box. Type in the InterActivity number: 1181. Click Go.

    You should now be looking at a screen that says "The War Powers Act ." After you have entered your name at the bottom, click the arrow to begin and follow the directions below:

    Does the President need the approval of Congress to go to war?

    1. Print the viewing guide.

    2. Read the focus question above.

    3. View parts 1-4 in order. They will help you answer ther focus question.

    Go to the next page to submit your viewing guide.