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President Johnson and the beginning of the Vietnam War

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    "Vietnam is still with us...We paid an exorbitant price for the decisions that were made."

    - Henry Kissinger

    For this assignment, we will be looking a little more in depth President Johnson and the beginning of the Vietnam War. We will be using some online curriculum from SASinSchool. You will access this by completing the following steps:

    1. Open up Internet Explorer.
    2 . Go to the Student Gateway 
    3 . Enter the username: jeffconet (Only a username is required--you do not need a password)
    4 . Find the Quick Launch box. Type in the InterActivity number: 38. Click Go.

    You should now be looking at a screen that says "Johnson and the Vietnam War." After you have entered your name at the bottom, click the arrow to begin and follow the directions:

    Submit the Viewing Guide when you are done.  Be sure to respond to the Focus Question.