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Vietnam Map Activity

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    "Vietnam is still with us...We paid an exorbitant price for the decisions that were made."

    - Henry Kissinger


    Use the following interactive maps to answer the questions below. (Hint: It may be easier to do this if you print this page and can write in your answers as you are looking at each map on the computer.)


    Vietnam in the World:

    1. Is the United States, China or the Soviet Union (USSR) closest to Vietnam?

    (If you need help with this, here's another World Map to look at.)

    2. Click where it says "Go to Vietnam Map" and explain why Saigon and Hanoi were important.
    (Click on the map of Vietnam and then click on 1964-1967 at the top of the map. Put the cursor on top of each city's name and read what it says to the left of the map.) Vietnam: 1964-1967:

    3. What was the "Ho Chi Minh Trail?" Why was it important?

    4. Describe the battle at Khe Sanh.

    5. The Gulf of Tonkin is off the coast of North or South Vietnam?

    6. What country is directly west of North Vietnam?

    7. What country is directly west of South Vietnam? Map of Vietnam:

    8. What is the name of the city that is closest to the DMZ (demilitarized zone)?

    9. What country is directly north of North Vietnam?

    10. Describe the location of Khe Sanh.

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