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Unit 7 Overview

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  • Students will understand that:

    Domestic programs created by the US government vacillated in size and scope as the public debated the degree to which the federal and state governments should play a role in the economy.

    Political, social, and economic institutions were challenged, reformed and created in response to the changes brought about by the era.

    Over time the US redefined foreign relationships based on changing national interests.


    Students will know:

    Significant people and events from the era.

    Domestic Policy

    Examples of domestic policies and how they impacted the US socially and culturally.

    How debates over government involvement in the economy and private lives defined modern political parties.

    Examples of how domestic and foreign policy influenced each other.


    Civil Rights

    Examples of civil rights legislation.

    The role of the media in shaping perceptions about social roles.

    That there are a variety of civil rights movements.

    The US role in a Globalizing World

    Causes, turning points and results of the Vietnam War.