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The Grand Alliance

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    The distribution of power is when power, influence or authority is distributed, spread around or apportioned.




    No formal treaty of alliance between the three great powers of World War II in the "Grand Alliance" (as Churchill later named it) was ever concluded or even seriously attempted. From the beginning, the Grand Alliance possessed neither a binding diplomatic agreement nor common postwar goals. For this reason, the human tendency to embody nations in their leaders seems especially appropriate and may serve as an organizing principle for this lesson.  


    This lesson presents you with the two major documents that stated the wartime and post-war goals of the Grand Alliance.

     The Atlantic Charter was drafted before the US even entered WWII.  It spelled  out the causes for which WWII was fought and was agreed upon by the US
            and Great Britain.  
     The Atlantic Charter was the basis for this document, and the term "United  Nations" was suggested by FDR to express the Allies common purpose.  The  declaration was signed by 26 nations, including the Soviet Union. 

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