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Unit 4 Post-Assessment

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    TIME Magazine 

    For this Final Assessment, you will need to create a cover for TIME magazine with 3 featured stories.  

    You will write 3 articles on chosen topics learned this semester, then y
    ou will design and create a cover for the magazine previewing your articles.


    1) Pick your decade. 

    * 1900-1910

    * 1910 -1920

    * 1920 - 1930

    * 1930 - 1940

    2) Pick your topics.

    For this assessment, you have the choice as to what to write about.  

    You are a journalist covering the decade of your choice and need to feature 3 stories that you feel are most important to the decade.  

    You can write about significant events, or people important to the time. (Keep in mind, Hitler was featured in TIME magazine, so you can choose any events or people...)

    Each article must include:

    * Minimum of 250 words

    * Details about the event, person

    * Summary of why they are to be considered 'most important' for the decade. 

    * At least 2 images

    You are writing from the perspective of the time period, so make it realistic, detailed, and accurate. 

    (60 points/article)

    3) Create your TIME cover.

    Design and create a cover for your TIME magazine. It must look like the TIME design and must illustrate the articles you have written. 

    * Include appropriate magazine cover info (layout, date, etc.)

    * A 'main' illustration or design highlighting one article

    * 'sub' article references for the other two articles

    (50 points for magazine cover)


    You will be graded on creativity, accuracy, spelling and grammar, so take your time, be thorough and have fun with this!

    You can create the magazine cover using computer programs, or you can create it by hand and submit a scanned image. 

    Submit your articles and cover on the next page.