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New Deal Agency Presentation

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    "The illusory prosperity and feverish optimism which marked preceding years have given way to fearful economic insecurity and to wide-spread dispair."

    - Senator Rober M. La Follette Jr., 1931



    Pick a New Deal or a Second New Deal program to research. You should aim

    to respond to these questions:

    1.What was the purpose of the legislation?

    2.What agency or program was created, if any?

    3.Who was served by the program or agency?

    4.Was the agency effective? Why or why not?

    5.How many people were served by the program?









    Once you’ve located this information you should begin to create a Power Point presentation, a brochure, a poster, a flyer, or a webpage meant to educate your fellow students (as though they were US citizens during the 1930s) about the new program available to them.

    Your presentation should

    • reflect the purpose of the agency,
    • it must contain an image,
    • a slogan, and
    • it should reflect one of the traditional methods of propaganda.
    • Students should include a short written paragraph describing the poster and its symbols.
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