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Unit 4 Overview

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  • Students will know:

    Significant people and events in the era.



    The causes of the Great Depression.

    Response to the Depression

    · The battle of ideas to address the economic crisis.

    · Differences between the First and Second New Deals.

    · Examples of how the Great Depression tested government structures.

    · Debates over the success and failure of the New Deal.

    · Changes in attitudes about government responsibilities.

    · Identify groups and organizations that gained and/or lost progress during the Great Depression.



    · The impact of the depression on American society.

    · Examples of the social and cultural impact of the Great Depression and the New Deal.

    · Examples of how the Great Depression led to global political instability in various countries.

    · Economic and political reactions of the US government to address the global crisis.

    · The Great Depression defined economic differences between the Democratic and Republican parties.