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The Great Depression's Connections to Today

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    "The business of America is business."

    - President Calvin Coolidge

    In our country today we are currently facing a recession.  We are facing economic situations unlike any we have seen before since The Great Depression.  Living in the world we live in today and knowing what you know about the Great Depression answer the following questions in a word document. You may need to go to outside resources for assistance.

    1. What is a recession? Why are we in one? How long have we been in one and how long will it last?
    2. How is our current economic situation similar to that of The Great Depression?
    3. How is our current economic situation not similar to that of The Great Depression?
    4. How has the current economic situation affected your own family or people you know?
    5. What can you do during this current economic situation?


    Now go to the following website and read the article.Warning: This article is a little tough to get through.  My suggestion is to go through it one paragraph at a time and highlight what you understand.  Write any questions down you don't understand and email them to me so I can assist.

    When you feel you understand the article in its entirety answer the following questions.

    1. Summarize the article in one paragraph.
    2. Do you agree with the author? Why or why not?
    3. What advice could you recommend to the average American about our current economic situation after reading this article?
    4. What predictions can you make about our current economic situation?
    Go to the next page to submit the answers to the above questions.