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Great Depression Stories

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    "The business of America is business."

    - President Calvin Coolidge


    1.  Go to the following website and read one of stories from individuals who lived through the Great Depression. Or, feel free to do your own search, as there are too many incredible stories out there to count.

           2.  After reading a few stories, do a "Google Search" type in "Images from The Great Depression" and find at least 10 photos.

    3.  Pretend you are a reporter during The Great Depression.  Write a typed one-page story about what you have witnessed and heard from your searches.  Be sure to include one photo in your story and make sure to title your story.  Your goal is to make others understand what it was like for individuals of this time.Include true stories, real photos, names, etc. 

    Go to the next page to submit your story.