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Heroes, Hoodlums and Hopefuls Article

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    "The business of America is business."

    - President Calvin Coolidge

    Choose one of the 12 people you profiled in your previous chart.

    You are a newspaper reporter in the 1920's.* Write an article that would appear on the front page of newspaper about the person you chose:

    1. Give more detailed background information about your character's life. (You may need to do additional research.)
    2. Explain one key event that involved your person of choice - this is main portion of your article.
    3. In a separate paragraph (not included in your article) explain how your person's life reflects the spirit of the "Roaring" 1920s. How is your person a "character" of the '20s? (What about your person's life is unique to this period in history?)
    *You can earn extra credit by formatting your article as it would look in a newspaper during the 20's. (advertisements, other headlines from the time, images, etc.) 

     Submit your completed assignment on the next page.