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Modernism in the 1920's

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    "The business of America is business."

    - President Calvin Coolidge


    Visit AACA and read Slang of the 1920's about some of the words, phrases, and expressions that were used in the 1920's.

    Your assignment is to write a dialogue (conversation) between two people living in the 1920's.

    1. Choose any topic addressed so far:
      • Modernism
      • Disillusionment after WWI
      • Flappers
    1. Write a dialogue discussing the topic you have chosen. You must use at least 10 slang phrases, words, or expressions from the 1920's.
    2. Be creative! Before submitting, make sure your dialogue makes sense (have a point) and is not composed only of expressions.

    You will submit your slang dialogue for this lesson on the next page.