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Manifest Destiny Page 2

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    "Every nation should be judged by the best it has been able to produce, not by the worst."

    - James Weldon Johnson

    Step 1: EXHIBITS

    Review Exhibits 1-4.

    Exhibit #1 -

    Exhibit #2 -
    Exhibit #3 -
    • E3 Manifest Destiny Poem
    Exhibit #4 -
    • E4 Homestead Act of 1862

    Step 2: Review Evidence

    Jurors are often given notepads and pencils/pens to take notes as they listen to testimony or review evidence in a trial. For your deliberation, you will use the Manifest Destiny Pro and Con Chart (below). 

    Please provide evidence of both the Pros and the Cons regarding Manifest Destiny.

    Submit the completed chart on the next page.