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Unit 2 Overview

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  • In Unit 2, students will examine evidence to determine whether America was justified in pursuing a general policy of economic, social, and political imperialism overseas.


    Students will understand that:

    People and nations make choices to promote their self interest.
    At the beginning of the 20th Century, a combination of developments changed the American outlook on foreign policy.
    Imperialism was a tool of foreign policy used to expand power.
    The US idealistically entered WWI; however the reality of the war and its aftermath led to disillusionment.
    Times of war create short and long term changes to the home front.


    Students will know:

    Causes and motivations for US Imperialism.
    The extent of American expansion at the turn of the 20th Century including the context and impact of imperialism.


    Foreign Policy & World War I:

    The causes and effects of the Spanish American War.
    The European causes of WWI.
    The causes of WWI and the reasons the U.S. was drawn into the conflict.
    The impact of the war upon the foreign policies of the US.
    The struggles to create the Treaty of Versailles and establish the League of Nations.


    Domestic Policy:

    The impact of the war on the Home Front.
    The impact of the war upon the domestic affairs of the US.