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1.1.3 ~ The Labor Movement: Workers Fight for Labor Rights

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  • 1. What was life like for a worker during this time period?

    2. Give a summary of the Haymarket Riot. (Who, what, when, where and why?)

    3. Who were the major players involved in the Haymarket Riot?

    4. What is a labor union?

    5. What is a labor strike?

    6. Look up the person you've been assigned. Write down some basic information about this person and his role in the Haymarket Riot.

    7. Write a letter to a family member or friend as if you were this individual. Give you perspective of the Haymarket Riot and why you feel the way you do about this event. Be sure to include historical details about yourself and the event to support your view.

    Submit your responses to the above questions in the drop box on this page