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Course Syllabus

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  • U.S. History A Syllabus


    Course Description:

    This course addresses the social, economic, political, and military aspects of the United States from the Progressive Era (1890’s) to the present. Through exploration of recurring American issues and significant themes, students will examine contacts and exchanges among groups and cultures and how these have influenced American perspectives. Using important events, students will formulate historical questions, evaluate sources and data using diverse viewpoints, hypothesize, draw conclusions, and analyze issues of the American experience.

    Course Length: 2 Semesters


    Prerequisites: None


    Course Outline

    • Unit 1-The Progressive Era

      • Industrialization

      • Immigration and Urbanization

      • Politics and Reform

    • Unit 2- The Emergence of the U.S. as a World Power

      • Imperialism

      • Foreign Policy and WWI

      • Domestic Policy

    • Unit 3- The 1920’s: Prosperity and Problems

      • Rising World Power

      • Progress and Retreats of Democratic Values

      • Modernism and Traditionalism

    • Unit 4- The New Deal and the Start of WWII

      • Causes of the Great Depression

      • Responses to the Great Depression

      • Impact of the Great Depression


    Materials needed:

    All the texts you need for this course are provided online.


    Technical Requirements:

    You will need a device (preferably a laptop/Chromebook/desktop) with consistent Internet access. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are the preferred browsers and you can download either for free. You will also need access to a Word processing program such as Google Docs (free) or MS Word. You will need to be able to access this class independently, create and submit word-processed documents, and have the ability to set up blogs or create PowerPoint or Google slides or websites.


    Grading Scale

    A: 90% and above

    B: 80-89%

    C: 70-79%

    D: 60-69%

    F: 59% and below