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Finalize presentation

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    Today you should FINISH your final reflective masterpiece. 

    Check that you have addressed these tasks:

    Choosing a technological tool that will best meet your needs and your message.

    Revise your draft as appropriate to be sure your hook, structure, transitions, word choice, and varied sentence structures really engage your reader. Refer to the rubric for the written portion attached below.

    Remember to include both experiences and reflections about those experiences. Use elaboration strategies to provide the level of detail that will make your story come alive.

    Rehearse your presentation so that you can deliver it in a way that complements the message of your presentation. Take time to practice in front of a mirror, your family, the cat, etc. till you are comfortable presenting your content before you make your final recording. Pay attention to pacing or the rate of your speech, planned pauses for effect, variations in volume, emotional intensity, emphasis on particular words or phrases, etc. You should NOT simple read your draft -- you should DELIVER your MESSAGE.  See the oral communication rubric linked here.

    Record your final video product and submit.

    Evaluate your final product against the rubric indicators included below.