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Transforming to Digital Media

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    We have one final thing to think about as we wrap up this session.  At this point, you have a great start on the “what” of your reflective presentation.  You know the story you will tell, how it’s organized, and the words you’ll use to tell it.  Now it’s time to start thinking about the “how.” 

    Here are the minimum qualifications for the final presentation:


    • Presentation is 5-10 minutes long
    • Presentation includes at least some images that reinforce the message (and that could be an image of you giving the speech in an expressive way)
    • Presentation includes your own voice reading the reflection expressively
    • Share your presentation in an easy to access file format (preferably on YouTube or another video sharing site, even if the presentation is private or unlisted and not accessible to the world, just us)

    There are a ton of different media tools you could use to meet these qualifications.  Here are a few ideas:


    • Make an audio recording of your voice with Audacity.  Then us a tool like to add images to your presentation.  Upload to YouTube to share.
    • Modify, revise, and perfect the Storyboard Power Point that you created in this session and upload it to VoiceThread.  Then add narration to each slide in which you share your reflection.
    • Create a Prezi with images for your reflective presentation.  Then create an audio recording of you sharing your story (using Audacity or another tool) to use as “background music” while the Prezi displays.
    • Use Screencast-o-Matic to record your screen and you talking (even on the webcam!) while you share a PowerPoint, Prezi, or images.
    • Use Google+ to record yourself sharing your story from a webcam.
    • Record your story using Audacity.  Then use Animoto to create accompanying images.
    • Any other tool that meets the minimum requirements above.

    Although the focus of next week’s session will be creating your final presentation, it’ll be wise to spend some time this week looking at the options and brainstorming how you’ll share your final product.