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Storyboarding as Prewriting

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  • Storyboarding as Prewriting


    Organization when sharing one event (like Ananda Shankar Jayant and Steve Mesler’s examples):

    • Summary of experiences before the event
    • Detailed description of the event and the emotions surrounding it
    • Analysis of what you learned from the event
    • How the audience should use your experiences to shape their future


    Organization when sharing multiple events (like Steve Jobs, James Cameron, and Shane Koyczan’s examples):

    • Introduction
    • Summary of one experience and thoughts on how that experience changed you
    • Summary of another experience and thoughts on how that experience shaped you
    • Summary of a final experience and thoughts on how that experience shaped you
    • Synthesizing ideas on how all three experiences connect to one another and to the audience today

    Now that you’ve seen what a storyboard can look like for a reflective presentation, it’s time to create one for your presentation. This storyboard is all about YOU.

    On the left are two common ways to organize a reflection, based on the examples we've explored.  Feel free to use one of them as you set up the storyboard for your project.

    Assignment:  Use PowerPoint or Google Presentation to create a storyboard for your topic.  Remember that the goal of a reflection is to talk about a past experience (or experiences) and reflect on how that experience changed you or could change you in the future.  The final presentation for this assignment will be 5-10 minutes long so you should have at least 6 slides minimum.

    You’ll submit your storyboard on the next page for 50 points.  It’ll be a great resource as you start actually creating and practicing your presentation.