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Storyboarding to Understand a Text

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  • Storyboards to Explore a Text




    Every text has an underlying structure or organization that helps the audience to follow the text as well as learn from it.

    In this session we’re going to be using something called storyboarding to help us understand the example text “Fighting Cancer with Dance” as well as help us draft our own reflective presentations.

    A storyboard is when an author puts the images and ideas they want to share in a presentation into a rough format, revealing the structure of the overall presentation.

    In this case, we’re going to take a look at an example storyboard for Ananda Shankar Jayant’s reflection and then create one for our own presentations.

    Below you will find a storyboard for “Fighting Cancer with Dance.”  Watch the video again and, as you watch, review the storyboard, including images to represent each area of Jayant’s presentation.    This process will lead to a much deeper understanding of the way Jayant builds her reflection and her final message.