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Close Study of an Example

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  • Close Study of an Example


    Before we dive into the work of creating our own reflective presentation, we’re going to take a moment and look at one more example of a presentation that reflects on past experiences and then uses those experiences to share insights with the audience.

    In this example, Ananda Shankar Jayant explains how she used metaphor and dance to help survive (and conquer!) cancer.  Take a few minutes to watch the video below.  As you listen to her and watch her dance, consider how she integrates images, music, art, and words to reflect on her experiences. 

    Consider these questions:

    • What types of information are included?
    • What types of information are not included?
    • Where and how is analysis included?
    • How are the sensitive issues treated?
    • What underlying structure does she use to weave her story together in a coherent way?