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Session Plan

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    Session Plan


    Welcome to a new session in English 12!  In this session we'll focus on the nitty gritty details of your reflective presentation.  By the end of the session, you'll have a great draft and be ready to transform it into an amazing final reflection.




    Due Date

    Point Value

     8.21 Storyboard Prewrite


     50 points 

     8.22 Draft Feedback


     50 points 

    Points Possible


     100 points



    Suggested Schedule:


    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

     Day 5

    Review Shankar video and storyboard for it.

    Create storyboard prewriting for reflective presentation and submit for 8.21 Storyboard Prewrite

    Begin drafting reflective presentation.

    Finish drafing reflective presentation.

    Post draft to the 8.22 Draft Feedback discussion.

    Make comments on at least two student's drafts.

    Revisit the 8.22 Draft Feedback Discussion




    Review elaboration strategies and make appropriate changes to your draft.


    Begin brainstorming ideas for transforming draft into a digital media format. Try out a few tools.