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Journal: Topic Selection

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  • Topic Brainstorming



    Phew!  We’ve come a long way in this session already.  I hope that as you’ve viewed all the examples in this session, you’ve been starting to brainstorm what topics you could use as you begin your own reflective presentation.

    For our next step in this session, we’ll do some brainstorming about what topics you could use for presentation. 

    Please take 30 minutes or more to complete a freewrite in the mode of your choice.  You can use the journal Google document you've used this semester (it might have content you want to revisit) or you can try something different (listing, drawing, handwriting, typing, etc.).  Reflect on where you’re at in your life right now.  Find a place that’s comfortable for you.  Or, even better, find a space outside where you can breathe some fresh air and spur on the creative process.

    Think and write about these questions:

    • In what ways have you changed over the last 4+ years of your high school experience?
    • What were the most significant experiences that you’ve faced in that time?
    • How have those experiences shaped the kind of person you are and want to become?
    • If you could talk to yourself at age 14 (or 10 or 6), what things might you share?

    Once you’ve completed your freewrite (30 minutes or more), go back through your notes and mark 2-3 ideas that could have merit for your own reflective presentation.  We’ll revisit those ideas in our next session!\

    Submit your freewrite on the next page.