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Session Plan

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    Session Plan




    Welcome to a new unit in English 12!  In this unit, we'll reflect on how far you've come in the last four years.  Who were you four years ago, how have you changed, and what helped you get there?

    Along the way we'll explore what makes an exceptional presentation and consider what role reflection should play in our work and personal lives.

    Scroll down for important announcements, a list of assignments and suggested weekly schedule.  



    Due Date

    Point Value

     8.11 Genre Exploration Assignment


     60 points 

     8.12 Best Guess Gathering Discussion


     30 points 

     8.13 Sometimes/Always/Never


     20 points 

     8.14 Topic Selection (Journal)


     30 points 

    Points Possible


     140 points

     Suggested Schedule:


    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    Preview entire session. Begin genre exploration by watching James Cameron video and recording responses on 8.11 Genre Exploration sheet.

    Continue 8.11 Genre Exploration Assignment by watching videos by Steve Jobs and Steve Mesler. Record responses for 8.11 Genre Exploration. 

    View video by Shane Koyczan and enter responses on genre exploration. Complete and submit 8.11 Genre Exploration Assignment.

    Make initial post on the 8.12 Best Guess Gathering Discussion.  

    Make follow-up posts on the best guess gathering discussion.

    Complete 8.13 Sometimes, Always, Never assignment.

    Complete 8.14 Topic Selection (prewrite) journal entry for presentation topics.