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    Literary Non-Fiction Review Blog






    Yesterday you began working on a written review of your book. Here's the information again for your refernece as you finish this product.  

    Remember that this is our chance to share our reviews of the literary non-fiction books we read in this unit, and the blog will be used by future students in this class as they decide what to read in this unit!  You have the chance to influence the experiences of future seniors in this class. 

    book review is usually a 3-4 paragraph piece of writing.  The purpose of the writing is to tell about a book and whether or not you would recommend that book to other readers.  


    Here's how to proceed: 

    Step 1:  Look over your book review prewriting from the end of session 3.  Think about the core things that make your book unique and whether or not you would want to recommend this book to future students.

    Step 2:  Take a look at an example book review. This is an example of the type of content you should be creating in this review. You may want to browse reviews from last year's seniors here, and finally, you can find other example books reviews on the GoodReads website. Not all reviews are good reviews!  Look for the ones that do the best job previewing the book.

    Step 3:  Write a draft of your book review.  Here are some things you MUST include:

    • hook that draws your reader in and makes them interested in reading the review
    • very brief summary of the book that includes enough information to preview the book but doesn't ruin any of the plot through spoilers
    • An explanation of what makes this book unique
    • A reflection on the author's writing style, language, and tone
    • Mention of a few memorable moments from the book
    • clear recommendation.  Who would enjoy this book?  (And if no one would, why?)

    Step 4:  Post your review to the class blog.  The entire class blog can be found INSTRUCTOR NEEDS TO UPDATE CLASS BLOG LINK HERE.  

    Step 5: Watch the video below for detailed directions on how to write, create, and post your blog.

    To access the blog, you have to use a Google email account, either personal or school.  It is only good for a few days, so I would like for you to request an invitation when you are ready to post.  Once I enter an invitation, you should receive an email invitation within minutes and it will be good for a few days.

    If you have not received a blog email invitation, email Ms. Long. Be sure to check your Junk Mail folder, too.

    Step 6:  Comment on at least 2 other student's blog entries. The entire class blog can be found here. 

    Step 7:  Submit a link to your blog entry in the dropbox on the next page.  Celebrate your success!


    This review is worth 100 points.