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Weekly Journal

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    Add to the journal you have created as a shared Google docs file that you created in the introduction session.  This is the google file you labeled with "Spring 2018" and your name.  

    Begin the entry with this week's date so as to distinguish it from previous ones.  Write 2-3 paragraphs (roughly one-half page, single spaced) or approximately 20-30 minutes of sustained writing.

    This week's journal topic is again YOUR CHOICE.

    You can use this space to review what you've learned through this book. 

    You also can use this space to organize your plans, goals, and hopes for break or describe what you're looking forward to doing. Likewise, you can write about questions, concerns, and issues that are on your mind of late. (Typically seniors have a LOT on their minds!)  Certainly this is a good place for some creative projects.

    If you want to write but need TOPIC IDEAS, CLICK HERE.

    The goal here is to sustain your writing practice and give you an outlet to continue some great thinking.


    On the next page, submit the link to your Google doc so that I can read your responses and comment there.