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    Your first step for this session is to read the next ¼ of your novel.  You should be halfway through your book by the end of this session.

    As you read, annotate your text as appropriate so that you can complete a reader response journal using a different format than you used last week. 

    In this section, you'll consider the impact of the author's viewpoint, background, or bias.

    As you read, consider these questions:

    • What do you know about the author of your book?  How might the author's experiences have impacted the way they wrote this book? You'll do some further research on the author's viewpoint later in this session.
    • How does the structure of the text indicate what the author considers most important?
    • How does the language convey emotionally charged perspectives or opinions?
    • What facts or evidence are used to support the author's opinions? How are different viewpoints treated?
    • How might another person write about the similar experiences and content?
    • What is not stated or included in the text? What explanations are missing?
    • Is a disproportionate amount of attention given to one event, experience, or period of time?
    • How might emotionally charged events or experiences in the content influence the way the subsequent events are presented?