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Unit Overview

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    Over the next four sessions of English, you'll read a literary non-fiction book of your choosing (see criteria on the next page).  The culminating activity for the unit will be a class blog in which you add a book review about your book.  You'll need to include an interesting hook, a summary of the book, an explanation of unique traits, a reflection on the author's writing style, language, and tone, memorable moments, and a clear recommendation.  I highly recommend that you mark quotations and annotate as you read so that you'll more easily support your conclusions in your final book review. 

    If you want to read ahead, please keep in mind that you'll be submitting a reading journal for each 1/4 of the book using a different template or type of reader response journal for each week.  More details about the journals are found on this page of this first session.

    You'll focus each session on these topics: 

    Session 1:  Characteristics of the main character and predictions for the rest of the text

    Session 2:  Author's background and author's viewpoint

    Session 3:  Jargon and specialized terminology unique to the subject of your book. You'll need to submit 10 examples of this language.

    Session 4:  Ideas and people that are in conflict with each other 

    If you read ahead, be sure to make note of quotations and details on these topics to help you to complete your weekly reader's journals and to write the final book review.