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Transitions for Smooth Reading

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    Your next step will be to go back and review your paper for your use of transitions. 

    Transitions are just words, sentences, or even paragraphs that help connect ideas in your paper.  In a well-written paper, the ideas will flow together seamlessly with clear connections between each one.

    Read through the handout attached below from the Writing Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Then, go back to your paper and add three things. 

    First, a transitional word inside of a paragraph that helps connect two ideas in the paragraph. 

    Second, a transitional sentence at the end of a paragraph that helps connect the ideas in that paragraph with the ideas of the following paragraph. 

    Finally, a transitional paragraph at some point in the paper that helps explain the connection between the previous topics/ideas (probably the biographical section of your paper) and the section that follows (probably the section of your paper where you discuss your person’s significance to our world today. 

    Highlight all three transitions in yellow for your final draft to demonstrate the ways you’ve experimented with transitions.