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An Initial Review

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  • An Initial Review



    Your first step for this session will be to review the first draft you completed of your research paper in session 4.  Hopefully, it’s been two to three days since you finished your draft. It’s always helpful to have a few days to gain perspective on the draft and what needs to be improved.  You’ll often see errors after that break that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

    Once your paper has had a day or two to breathe, please take a moment and do a thorough reading of your paper out loud.  As you read, if you find any areas of the paper that are hard to read smoothly or are unclear,  mark them on your draft.  You don't have to fix the errors now but you should go ahead and mark them so you don't forget.   It's important to read the draft aloud because it'll help you hear errors.  Even better is to have a friend or family member read the draft to you.  You'll get a much clearer perspective on the writing.

    Once you’re done, review the rubric that’s attached below and think about where your paper might score on the rubric.

    Highlight, underline or bold how you would grade yourself in EACH catergory.

    Submit your self-evaluation on the next page.

    If your paper isn’t where you’d like it to be, set some priorities for things that you can fix during this session.