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Welcome and Essential Questions

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    Welcome to Unit 6 Session 5!  This is the last session of our Writing Like a Researcher Unit.  You’ll wrap up your research paper and learn some new strategies for polishing your writing. 

    Here are some essential questions we’ll consider in this session:

    • How do I unpack the context of a task to make decisions about my writing processes?
    • How do my research processes support and sustain the planning, drafting, and refinement of my writing?
    • Which rhetorical device might I use to make my writing more visible, audible, and imaginable? Why should I use this rhetorical device over another?
    • Why is it worthwhile to deliberate over the language I use to craft my own writing? What guides my language selection?
    • When should issues of correctness and registers of English impose restrictions or grant freedom for my writing?


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