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Creating a First Draft

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  • Writing the First Draft



    It’s time to draft your paper.  Remember that your final paper should meet these qualifications:

    • Provide an overview a small portion of your person’s life(without sounding like an encyclopedia entry!), focused on one topic within their life or on one time period in their life
    • Make an argument about why your person is influential in today’s world
    • Provide evidence from your survey and your research of how your person changed our world today

    Go ahead and write the first draft of your paper.  It will be easier if your draft includes parenthetical citations from the beginning since you’ll be incorporating research information throughout the paper.  Each piece of information that is not from your own head should have a citation immediately after it.  In MLA format, the parenthetical citation just includes the author’s last name and a page number, if applicable.

    Your first draft should be approximately 4-5 pages long. 

    Once you have a draft complete, turn it in to the dropbox.