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Beginning Your Draft: Laying Out the Qualifications

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  • Laying Out the Qualifications



    It’s now almost time to begin writing your research argument. If your outline was really well writte - this should be cinch!  You should be able to pretty much turn your outline into sentences and...presto!

    Just to remind you...this research paper will try to accomplish multiple tasks:

    • Provide an overview a small portion of your person’s life(without sounding like an encyclopedia entry!), focused on one topic within their life or on one time period in their life
    • Make an argument about why your person is influential in today’s world. Think to yourself how you might persuade an audience that a school or a park or center should be named after this person -- or think about presenting an argument that your person has shaped history more than many others.
    • Provide evidence from your survey and your research of how your person changed our world today

    Other requirements for the paper will include:


    • 4-5 pages in length
    • Includes parenthetical citations and an MLA Works Cited page
    • Cites at least five sources total, with at least two of those sources being primary sources
    • Uses student survey as an additional source
    • Has an engaging introduction that identifies the research topic and invites further reading
    • Has a clear organizational pattern
    • Uses transitions effectively
    • Includes a conclusion that entices the reader to consider further implications of the project
    • Uses rhetorical devices (covered in more depth in session 5)
    • Varying sentence structures for easy reading
    • Few, if any, grammatical errors


    The rubric attached below will help you further understand the purposes for your writing.