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Outlining Your Essay

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  • Outlining Your Essay





    So far, you have done lots of research and found some amazing information on your influential person.  You have written a thesis statement, and gotten feedback on that thesis statement.  Most recently, you have looked for patterns in your data. Now it is time to start putting it all together.

    You will be outlining your paper!  No matter how wonderful or terribly you think you are at writing, outlining is essential to composing a well organized essay.  It is the skeletal structure of your essay;  you would just be an amorphous blob without your skeleton - and your essay will be an amorphous literary blob without an outline.  (I have read thousands of essays...believe me, I know.) 

    Attached below are two documents you must read in order to complete the outline assignment.  Read through each document carefully and then open up a Word doc or a Google doc and create an outline for your essay.

    Pay special care to include as detailed information in your outline as is in the example.  And to keep track of your sources as you go.  You aren't citing them formally yet - but keeping track of what came from where will save you time later.

    Complete your outline and turn it in to the dropbox.