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Trends and Patterns in Sources

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  • Trends and Patterns in Sources



    Phew!  You’ve been working really hard in finding great information for your research project. 

    By now, you probably know quite a bit about your topic.  I hope that you’re also noticing some patterns and trends in the information that you find.  Usually, when you find a trend in several different sources, it means that the information is accurate and reliable since the sources confirm the same ideas.

    Look at your notes and identify at least three (3) different trends or patterns that you’ve noticed in your research. These should be ideas or opinions that were confirmed in more than one source about the person you’re studying. 

    Then, identify one piece of conflicting information. This is something where the sources don’t agree with each other and you’re not sure what’s true.

    These noticings will help you next with grouping information for your outline.