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    Session Plan









    Welcome to a new week in English 12!  In this week's session, we'll continue our research projects by noticing trends and patterns in our research.  We'll also learn how we can turn our research questions and research notes into claims and conclusions. 

    Scroll down for announcements and schedule.




    Due Date

    Point Value

     6.31 Survey


     30 points

     6.32 Works Cited Page - First Draft


     40 points

     6.33 Essay Outline


     80 points

    Points Possible


     150 points

     Suggested Schedule:


    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4


    Review Learning Targets

    Develop survey about your individual and post the survey to the 6.31 Survey discussion board

    Begin distributing your survey to family and friends.   


    Help two other students who have posted on 6.31 Survey disussion board 

    by responding to their surveys.

    Complete and submit 6.32 Works Cited Page - First Draft. 


    Review Trends & Patterns

    Begin 6.33 Essay Outline






    Review your own survey responses for 6.31.

    Complete 6.33 Essay Outline