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Finding Additional Secondary Sources

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  • Finding Additional Secondary Sources



    Your first step for this session is to continue the research process by finding additional secondary sources for your paper. TODAY you'll work with one source.

    Your goal this week should be to have at least 2 more secondary sources that you can use for your paper.  At least 1 of those sources should NOT be an encyclopedia-style source.  Try searching news archives such as Google News or Time Magazine archives to find articles that mention your person and try to answer some of the research questions you created in our last session.  You can also check the Jeffco Public Library's biography databases that have excellent resources.    

    Moreover, check out the below website for 12 fabulous academic search engines to refine your search and find target materials.  It's super helpful!

    12 Fabulous Academic Search Engines

    As you find sources, jot down detailed notes on them using the methods we learned in Unit 5: outline method, sentence method, web, or Cornell notes.  Templates are provided below.

    Submit TWO (2) separate notes on two secondary sources into the dropbox.