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    Now that you've chosen a topic, your next step is to do significant research. 

    Last week you found an initial source that provided an overview of your chosen person. This week you'll do the bulk of your research by finding two secondary sources and two primary sources. You'll also narrow the focus for your paper.

    Next week, you'll develop a survey to distribute to other people to supplement this primary research.  Then we'll work on noticing some trends and patterns in your research, as well as, drawing some conclusion.

    Here are our learning targets in this session.


    1. Take detailed notes on TWO SECONDARY your sources. 
    2. Explore and took notes on TWO primary sources that help you gain a better understanding of your topic (session 1)
    3. Think through your sources and identify ones that have possible BIAS.  You may even need to eliminate a source if you find that the information there is too biased to be accurate.
    4. Narrow the topic down to one area of the person's life (a 1-5 year period or a topic/theme) that hugely influenced the world.
    5. Share that focused topic with peers.