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6.00 Literacy and Fake News

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  • Throughout unit 5 and 6, we have talked about the virtues of primary vs secondary sources, and we have discussed the usefulness of encyclopedias that provide an overview of the topic. In these discussions, many of you have questioned the reliability of Wikipedia, and our overarching goal is that you will be and become a responsible consumer of information now and for years to come. It may thus intrigue you to hear a different perspective on the virtues of Wikipedia in the context of an unsettling societal discussion about fake news.

    For up to 50 points in this extra credit assignment (do excellent work!), view and respond to an interview with Wikimedia executive director Katherine Maher. Begin by watching The Open Mind interview with Ms Maher in an episode titled "Literacy and Fake News" linked here. Take notes as you watch.  Then write a one-page (typed) response to the interview and Maher's comments. Specifically include at least three (3) direct quotes that express, challenge, or oppose your interpretation. Describe what you learned, what surprises you, questions you have, etc.

    This assignment will reemain open throughout unit 6.