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Searching Biographies

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  • Searching Biographies

     Since this unit is focused on some of the most influential people in history, you will find that there are high-quality biographies available for almost every one.  Although reading a biography is not required, your research process will be much easier if you have at least one high quality biography to refer to during this project.

    To find a BIOGRAPHY on your person:

    -Watch the RESEARCH tutorial created by Mr. Self on the left. It is SUPER helpful!! Then, visit the Jeffco Public Library website.

    -By watching the tutorial, you'll learn how to access the library even if you don't live in Jefferson County.

    -Search the “subject” index of the catalog for your person’s name.  Be sure that you choose the person with the right birth and death dates since there can be multiple subjects with the same name.

    -Look for a biography that seems reliable as well as thorough.

    -Put the book on hold using your library card number and pick it up at your local library in a few days.

    -You may also want to search for a collection of the "letters" of your subject. That will give you a collection of the writing and correspondence of that person.

    -Begin reading your biography and jotting down ideas that seem relevant to your research.