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    In this session, we’ve considered the role of discussion, generalizations, surveys, and summaries in the research process.  In our next unit, you'll apply the same process we used in this unit to your own research project on an historical figure.

    Here’s the process we used (and that you'll use in the next unit!):

    1. Start with a secondary source that provides a good overview of your research topic (session 1)
    2. Create 3-4 research questions to guide your thinking. (session 1)
    3. Explore primary sources that help you gain a better understanding of your topic (session 1)
    4. Evaluate your sources using the acronym CRAAP to see if they are credible and reliable. (session 2)
    5. Take detailed notes on your sources. (session 2)
    6. Evaluate an author's viewpoint. (session 2)
    7. Survey other people to find out their opinions on why this person is important. (session 2)
    8. Discuss your topic with others and think about how their ideas can influence your own conclusions. (session 3)
    9. Begin to make generalizations about your research topic and build support for those generalizations. (session 3)
    10. Summarize your research information to support your generalizations.  Those summaries can be included in your final paper. (session 3)
    11. Begin writing! (session 3)


    We’ll begin our research process on your topic next week!