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Identifying Generalizations and Support

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  • Identifying Generalizations and Support



    In any research project, the time comes to stop looking at new sources and begin to analyze all of your existing notes to make meaningful generalizations about the topic. 

    A generalization is when a researcher takes some specific information and applies that information more broadly.  For example, a researcher could look at the speech in our last session where Martin Luther King explains why he is against the Vietnam War and make the generalization that King is opposed to all wars and would oppose the wars the United States is currently involved in.  Although we can’t know for sure what King would think, it’s reasonable to make that generalization.

    In this assignment, we’ll examine a documentary about Martin Luther King, Jr., the Civil Rights Movement in 1968, and his assassination.  The researchers in this case have made quite a few generalizations.

    Your task will be to watch the documentary and find at least three generalizations made by the producers.  These generalizations might relate to Martin Luther King Jr., himself, garbage workers' strike and the events in Memphis, changes in the Civil Rights Movement, and King's assassination.

    Document the generalizations you find and the supporting evidence in the document attached here and below.  You’ll also make your own generalization based on the reading you’ve done about MLK.

    The link is