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The Ways of Meeting Oppression

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  • The Ways of Meeting Oppression



    Our next step in this week’s session is to read another primary source by Martin Luther King, Jr.  In this text, King outlines all the different ways that he thinks people can respond to oppression.  He very clearly has a preference for one way over another and he explains why he thinks it will work best in the Civil Rights movement.

    Read the text attached below.  As you read, prepare for the discussion we’ll have on the next page by jotting down a few notes.  Consider these questions:


    • What does King believe are the wrong approaches to oppression?  Do you agree with him?
    • What does King believe is the best way to deal with oppression?  In what ways was he right?  In what ways was he wrong?
    • Are there any groups today that could use King’s advice to change their circumstances (both within the United States and globally)?


    Once you feel that you are well-prepared for the discussion, click to the next page.