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Session Plan

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    Unit 5 Session 3:  Session Plan 




    Welcome to this final unit 5 session. 

    In this session we'll conclude our study of MLK as we conduct and analyze primary research (class survey), focus on generalizations, and reflect on the research process (which you'll use in unit 6).

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    To do in session 3:


    Due Date

    Point Value

     5.31 Ways of Meeting Oppression

      25 points

     5.32 Identifying Generalizations and Support

      60 points

     5.33 Survey Analysis

      30 points
     5.34 Reflective Journal   30 points

     5.35 Reading Like a Researcher Quiz

      90 points

    Points Possible





    Suggested Schedule:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    Preview session.

    DISTRIBUTE THE CLASS SURVEY to friends, family members....

    Read Ways of Meeting Oppression and respond with initial post for discussion assignment 5.31



    View the video documentary "Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights of 1968" and respond with three generalizations and related support for 5.32 Identifying Generalizations

    Analyze results of the class survey. Submit your observations for 5.33 Survey Analysis.

    If desired, complete journal assignment 5.34


    Add follow-up posts and responses to discussion 5.31 Ways of Meeting Oppression.

    Review the research process we used in this unit and complete quiz 5.35

    Day off school due to teacher inservice!

    You are not REQUIRED to log in and work today. Consider this a catch-up day or just a day off!