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A Look Ahead

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    In this session, we’ve significantly added to our understanding of how to find good sources, take good notes, and analyze an author's viewpoint.  In our next session we'll think about the difficult tasks of summarizing and synthesizing ideas from a lot of sources into a single coherent whole.  We'll also read the results of our survey and make some generalizations about why Martin Luther King is important today.

    Remember that the work in Unit 5 is modeling the kind of work that you’ll be doing as a researcher in Unit 6, with a historical figure of your choice.

    Here’s our process so far.  Last week you completed 1 -3.  This week, you continued with 4 - 7.

    1. Start with a secondary source that provides a good overview of your research topic (session 1)
    2. Create 3-4 research questions to guide your thinking. (session 1)
    3. Explore primary sources that help you gain a better understanding of your topic (session 1)
    4. Evaluate your sources using the acronym CRAAP to see if they are credible and reliable. (session 2)
    5. Take detailed notes on your sources. (session 2)
    6. Evaluate an author's viewpoint. (session 2)
    7. Survey other people to find out their opinions on why this person is important. (session 2 & Session 3)
    8. Additional steps will be added in future sessions!


    We’ll continue developing this process in our final session next week.