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Great Sources and Great Notes

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    Now that you’ve considered what makes a good source and different ways to take notes on a source, it’s time to apply that knowledge in finding some new sources on Martin Luther King.

     In this assignment, you’ll explore two major databases of articles by or about Martin Luther King.  You may use the King Papers database or the King Center database.  Both are amazing collections of awesome primary and secondary sources about Martin Luther King.

     Your task is to search the databases and find TWO sources (primary or secondary) that you think are worthy of further study.  So, if you were actually writing a paper on Martin Luther King, these are the sources you think are most interesting and relevant to our core research question, “Why is Martin Luther King still influential today?”  For EACH source you choose, complete these tasks:


    1. Record the name of the source, the author, and the web address.
    2. Explain in 3-5 sentences why you think this is a worthwhile source about Martin Luther King and how the source addresses our research question.
    3. Take detailed notes on the source using one of the five methods on the previous page:
    • Cornell Notes
    • Outlining
    • Charting
    • Mapping
    • Sentence Method
    1. Explain why the note-taking method you chose is the best one for this source.

     You should complete this process TWICE, for two different sources.  Once you have your notes complete, submit them on the next page.

     An example assignment and template are attached below.  Your assignment should look something like it (except you should have it for TWO different sources).